October 19, 2021

SH101 - 'A Journey Through Synths'


Released in 1983, the TR909 defined the early sound of House and Techno making it a critical component in the history of electronic music. The 909 can be heard on tracks like, ‘Vogue’ by Madonna all the way through to, ‘Good Life’ by Inner City. Of course, you can’t ignore the legacy that Jeff Mills has created around the 909!

The Animation

For the 909 I wanted to increase the level of detail in the scene. I really enjoyed the waveform feedback built into the SH101 animation, so constructed a device Arthr could operate that would include this. The industrial looking machine lets Arthr tap out the kick drum sequence in the track with a gavel/hammer like apparatus. Other little details included are the ever-spinning clock, accurate BPM display and the beat pulsing cables.

// Available as a single edition 1/1 NFT: Arthr (@arthr) | Foundation

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