October 19, 2021

TB303 - 'A Journey Through Synths'


Not sure there’s a more iconic or identifiable sound in electronic music than the TB303.. Another machine I’ve always adored, but have only in recent years seriously built it into my productions. Up until recently I found its buzz and chirp too aggressive, but the tables have turned and I can’t get enough of it! The love for this machine is a result of listening to the likes of Luke Vibert, Squarepusher and of course Josh Wink growing up. The 303 is monophonic and as a consequence has the ability to slot into most mixes you throw it into.

The Animation

Similar to all the other animations in this series, the sounds are recorded from the original unit that’s visually featured. I wanted the sound of the 303 to be unmistakable, so tracked the full rasp and squelch of the unit. The cutoff frequency and resonance parameters were gradually increased over the duration of the audio, so you really get to hear the sound open up. In 3D I built a small controller with rotary encoder type knobs that would operate the corresponding controls on the 303. Arthr then hovers over the knobs and strikes them with lightning to keep them energised and moving! To control Arthr’s back and forth motion and the on/off button for the lightning, I used a joystick reminiscent of the old Atari CX40 that would control all of this motion.

// Available as a single edition 1/1 NFT: Arthr (@arthr) | Foundation

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